Frequently Asked Questions
Centralised Location Based Engine

1. What is Centralised Location Based Engine?
A: The Centralised Location Based Engine (CLBE) is a Wireless@SG Access Point (AP) location database. Third-party application developers will be able to develop location-based services (LBS) leveraging on this information to deploy LBS at all Wireless@SG hotspots regardless of operators.
2. What are the benefits of developing applications using the CLBE?
A: With CLBE, developers can then provide customised, location-related information to Wireless@SG users LBS applications will work across all Wireless@SG hotspots, regardless of operator.
3. How do I start the process for using the CLBE database?
A: Developers will have to download an application form and submit to M1. The form can be downloaded  here.
4. What are the charges to access the CLBE?
A: The monthly charges will be $200 for access to CLBE.
5. What is the network structure for CLBE?
A: The network structure diagram can be downloaded  here.
6. How can developers access the CLBE?
A: The CLBE database can be accessed via APIs provided by M1. The query flow can be downloaded  here. The APIs will be provided once the application is approved.
7. Can I request for additional fields to be inserted to the shared database?
A: Yes, the request can be made via the application form for access to the CLBE database. However this is subjected to approval.