M1 Net Wireless@SG

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Login page issues:
    - I am having difficulty logging into the network.
    - The login page does not seem to be working properly.
    - After opening my SMS, I am unable to return to the login page to key in the OTP.

    Answer: For best experience, you are recommended to follow these steps:
    - Connect to Wireless@SG
    - Open your browser to any site i.e. If the page pops up automatically after you connect to   Wireless@SG, close it and manually access it by opening your browser
    - If problem persists, clear your cache and restart your browser

  2. What are the improvements to Wireless@SG?
    Answer: The access speed has been increased to at least 5 Mbps per user. The speed is sufficient to meet today’s broadband needs, such as email, social media and video streaming.

    We have also been making efforts to simplify the login process without compromising security. Automatic login for SIM devices was introduced in April 2014, and it allows users to automatically connect to any Wireless@SG hotspot without the need for registration and passwords.

    The same convenience has now been extended to non-SIM devices. Users can download the enhanced Wireless@SG app, which will guide them through a one-time setup process. You only need to key in your Date of Birth and your local mobile number, and a one-time password (OTP) will be sent via SMS to you to complete the one-time setup.

    User experience has also been enhanced for those who prefer to login to Wireless@SG via a browser. You only need to enter your mobile number (both local or foreign) to receive an OTP to complete the login process.

  3. What if I already have an existing Wireless@SG account?
    Answer: Your current Wireless@SG account will still be valid until 31 Dec 2017; after which it will be deactivated. Users are strongly encouraged to download the enhanced Wireless@SG app to have their devices configured to connect automatically to the Wireless@SGx network.

  4. I have a BlackBerry/Windows Phone. How do I get connected using the new login method?
    Answer: BlackBerry and Windows mobile users can log in to Wireless@SG with their mobile number and an OTP via a browser.

  5. But I am very used to my username and password. Why remove it?
    Answer: Over the years, the majority of feedback received indicates that users find it inconvenient to login with usernames and passwords since it is a hassle to remember them. With the enhanced Wireless@SG app, users can now automatically connect to any Wireless@SG hotspots after a one-time setup for both their SIM or non-SIM devices. 

  6. What happens to my Wireless@SG account issued by the mobile operators (@STM, @Singnet, @StarHub, @M1 etc.)?
    Answer: Accounts that are issued by the mobile operators will still be valid till 31 Dec 2017, after which they will be deactivated. See Question 2.

  7. If I don’t have a mobile phone (i.e. I can’t receive the OTP), can I still log in to Wireless@SG?
    Answer: You need access to a mobile number and mobile phone in order to receive the OTP sent via SMS.

  8. What’s the difference between Wireless@SG and Wireless@SGx?
    Answer: he Wireless@SGx network is more secure as it uses industry-based authentication and security standards (i.e. IEEE 802.1x and Wi-Fi Alliance), and data sent over Wireless@SGx network is encrypted. In addition, Wireless@SGx allows users to log in automatically (there is no need for username or password) after an initial one-time setup. Wireless@SG requires users to log in via a browser every time.

  9. Since there is no need for a username and password anymore, how is this login method more secure?
    Answer The enhanced Wireless@SG app simplifies the device setup process by using SMS OTP for validation purposes, which removes the need for usernames and passwords. Your device will connect automatically to the Wireless@SGx network, which is more secure as it uses industry-based authentication and security standards (i.e. IEEE 802.1x and Wi-Fi Alliance) and encrypts data sent through the Wireless@SGx network.

  10. I did not receive my OTP. What should I do?
    Answer: Please ensure your mobile device is not in flight safe mode and is connected to one of the mobile/cellular networks in Singapore. Prevailing mobile/cellular charges may apply. Please contact your mobile/cellular operator if you encounter issues receiving SMSes.

  11. If I uninstall the Wireless@SG app, can I still log in to Wireless@SGx?
    Answer: Yes. Once you have configured your device through the app, your phone will connect automatically to Wireless@SGx even if you uninstall the app.

  12. How do I remove the “Wireless@SGx” SSID configuration from my device?
    Answer: Please follow the steps below based on your device type.
    For Android devices
    1. Go to your Wi-Fi menu.
    2. Press and hold “Wireless@SGx”
    3. Select “Forget Network”

    For iOS devices
    1. Go to “Settings”
    2. Go to “General”
    3. Go to “Profiles & Device Management”
    4. Select “Wireless@SGx” profile and tap “Delete”.

    For Windows devices
    1. Go to “Settings”, then select “Network & Internet”
    2. Select “Manage Wi-Fi settings”
    3. Select “Wireless@SGx” network and tap “Forget”

  13. I configured my mobile device with the new Wireless@SG app to enable auto login, but I lost my mobile device. What should I do?
    Answer: If you misplaced your mobile device, please contact the relevant Wireless@SG operator to deactivate your account.

    Phone: 6655 5633
    Email: wireless@m1.com.sg

    Phone: 6717 1680
    Email: myservice@myrepublic.com.sg

    Phone: 1688
    Web: info.singtel.com/Contact-us

    Phone: 6873 2828
    Email: customerservice@starhub.com

  14. What is the OTP validity period for Wireless@SG Portal?
    Answer: OTP serves as an additional security feature that uses a One Time Password authorisation. The OTP pin will be valid for 5mins to allow for a successful connection.

  15. What is the User Account Password validity period for IMDA Mobile App?
    Answer: The User Account Password will be valid for 6 months to allow for a successful connection.

  16. Why am I receiving such messages?
    Answer: For improvement in security network, login in using the Wireless@SG Portal or IMDA Mobile App will require you to re-login to complete the login process.

    Wireless@SG Portal IMDA Mobile App
    Your OTP is 182038 for your M1 Wireless@SG account. This OTP will expire in 5 minutes. Wireless@SG: Your login has failed due to an expired account. Please refresh your account using the Wireless@SG App. M1 Hotline:6655 5633